Free Online Reiki Healing Event
June 2nd 2022 @ 4-5 PM PST



Luminary: One who recognizes their light, lives in their authentic power, and guides the way for others to see their light too. 


Our courses are much more than Reiki Certifications...


This isn't for you if you just want another credential or piece of paper to hang on your wall. We help people access their authentic power, and transform their lives completely. 

"This incredible journey from level 1 to the Masterclass has been life changing and has broken me wide open. The love and true passion you show for this practice and for your students is undeniable."

-Marni Singh

Reiki Level 1!

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Master Level!

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Level 2!

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"Taking Reiki level 1 + 2 with Giulia and Lex has ultimately solidified what my purpose is in this world."
-Jillian Rothert 


It's time to get out of the Spiritual Closet.  We're here to help you
trust your intuition, develop your gifts, and
share that light of yours.


Reiki Level 1 

Learn how to vibrate higher, and heal yourself through anything.

+2 day Live Online Program

+1 Self directed study portion
+Fundamentals of Reiki & Energy
Science of Energy
+Clear old subconscious programming
+2 powerful Ceremonies
+Reiki Attunement 
+Self Healing practice
+Certification in Reiki Level 1 Usui Holy Fire III



Reiki Level 2

Deepen your healing abilities for yourself + others with the Sacred Symbol attunement.


+2 day Live Online Program 
+2 powerful Ceremonies
+Attunement to Reiki Symbols
+Learn how to do Distance


+Deeper Self Healing 
+Learn to Manifest anything

you want
+1:1 Practice with Distance
+Level 2 Practitioner Level

Certification Holy Fire III


Reiki Mastery

Transformational. Teacher Level attunement, Personal Mastery. 


+5 week Live Online Program
+2 Master Attunements
+10 Healing Ceremonies
& Ignitions
+Business Development
+Tools for Transformation
+Community Connection
+Lifetime access to the material
+Work with Crystal Grids

+Masters Certificate in Usui

Holy Fire III + Ability to attune

others online or in person


"Giulia and Lex's energy is infectious. They create and hold such a safe and comforting space and the way they have managed to transform a physical learning into online in a meaningful
way really exceeded my expectations."

Jade Redmond
online Reiki 1 + 2 Graduate

"Since (Reiki Level 1) I have experienced MANY breakthroughs and I feel it's only just begun. I have been practicing Reiki on myself daily and it has helped so much with my anxiety and also has released a lot of tension and fear around money."

-Courtney B, Vancouver @bravelybeautifulbrand

Meet Lex & Giulia! Best friends, business partners, and founders of The Luminaries school of Healing. 


Our Mission is to help you see your light and trust your intuition so you can share your gifts with the world, with confidence.

You have a natural light burning inside of you that perhaps you have dimmed or have been afraid of. We believe the power community + our unique Reiki courses can help you ignite that light again, and you will be absolutely UNSTOPPABLE.


Getting attuned to Reiki and integrating the modality into your routine can significantly change your life, and help you attract and be more than you could have imagined. ✨

Watch our Free Class below!

How Reiki can change your life

Learn the ins and outs of how Reiki energy can support you to clear major blocks and become attuned to an energy that can heal your life. 

In this webinar we take you through: 

+What Reiki is 

+How Reiki heals

+Benefits of Reiki 

+How Reiki can heal your blocks

+You receive a Reiki healing

+Learn about our classes

+Q & A ! 


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