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This week we have emotional yet powerful Cancer Full Moon. We are all walking this  bridge....a Catalyst for growth. In process of letting go, and letting in. 

Cancer Moon is the Luminary about Nurturing and self soothing. Maybe you've been spending your energy over the holidays on everyone else, and it's time to come back to you. 

Maybe you have been in your own healing cocoon,  cleansing with tears and emotional release, bringing awareness to an area of life that is trying to change or shift. Maybe you've been quietly healing, and almost ready to come out. In your cocoon you're sorting out what doesn’t feel good, what’s coming with you,  and what’s changing. 

You've been acknowledging your growth in the past year, reopening old wounds, feeling painful emotions, grieving, going deep.

This ceremony is about Bridging the gap between 2022 and 2023, supporting you in healing and coming back to your inner light.

It is about being open to seeing things differently and perhaps doing things a different way. 

Maybe there is a pattern that needs to finally change. You have the power to shift your energy!

and it's okay if you're still feeling the heavy weight from last year, it doesn't magically go away on new years we know's okay if you're still processing. but let's keep clearing the energy and keep coming back closer to your authentic self - your light. 

This Ceremony will help you shift your energy and focus on what it is that you deeply want, need, and desire. 

Join us for a Free healing ceremony on January 5th @5-6PM PST! We will hold a ceremony for healing - whatever is coming up for you. This is a time to honour what you are feeling, to get clear on what you want, and receive the blessings for 2023!

Reiki was the single modality that literally shifted our entire lives. We went from toxic relationships and soul sucking careers to confident entrepreneurs who are excited about life and what we do. Because of Reiki healing, we feel our souls are happy (even though every day isn't perfect), we are living authentically and feel content, confident, and fulfilled. We can't wait to share it with you! 

Lex & Giulia 

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