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Free Virtual Event: November 22nd 2023 @ 530PM PST


We understand this has been a tough year for many people in many different ways. One of them could be financial stress and pressure. We are focussing this session on healing overwhelming feelings relating to finances. 

Reiki is a tool we use to ground ourselves, clear heavy energy, and connect with positive and abundant energies of the Universe.  We can't wait to share it with you!

What to expect: 

-Teaching by Giulia & Lex

- Reiki Healing Experience 

- Journaling + Reflection

Make sure you have a cozy space to sit or lie down for the healing experience! 

  • Reiki Ceremony to help you transform fear to freedom


  • $200 off with code: LOVEPEACE111


    838.95 Canadian dollars

  • Thu

    597 Canadian dollars
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