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Not your average Reiki training.

We facilitate a transformational program to help you make real shifts in your life. Our program is  for unfulfilled helpers & healers who know they have a deeper purpose and want to feel energized by what they do. We help our students clear the stubborn blocks that keep coming up. We help our students draining jobs and relationships, overcome self doubt, be of service,  and create & sustain a lives they are actually exciting about LIVING.

We help you find your confidence and come back to yourself.

We will be your # 1 Supporters through your transformation. 

Luminaries Energy Mastery Program

The Luminaries Energy Mastery is the only Reiki Program out there that is ALL INCLUSIVE:

  • Certification in Level 1, 2, 3 (Mastery) in 7 weeks 

  • Course Portal with lifetime access to downloadable materials, Tools, and Training Videos

  • Comprehensive Business Course for creating a Spiritual Business 

  • Community Connection with continued Live calls & Support  

"The transformation I feel within myself is the greatest gift I could’ve received from these 2 amazing healers/teachers. I came into this course anxious, depressed, and lost without a cause. Since then, I've overcome so many limiting beliefs about myself and about the direction of my future, I feel as if things in my life have started to fall more into alignment."

Michelle J. 

"Before I joined this program, I was feeling inadequate with serious imposter syndrome around being a healer despite knowing deep down it was my calling. The mastery program pulled all of that to the surface for examination, healing, and release allowing me to truly step into my authentic self and my soul’s purpose - to guide others in their own healing."

Stacie Holmes

"After completing my Master Course, my life has done a 180. I feel at peace, energized and supported. If someone were thinking of taking these courses, I would 100% recommend. They have helped me trust myself. The greatest gift I received from this is the improved relationship with myself. Thank you so much for creating this community and space to show up as my authentic self!"


Christine Toth

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Let's meet!

We are the LUMINARIES, Alexis & Giulia 

The Luminaries is a community of Intuitives,  Sensitive souls and healers who use their unique gifts and personal stories to be of service to the world.  Our work as Master Teachers is to help you clear blocks like Self doubt, comparison, imposter syndrome, fear of judgment, fear of failure, and lack of self worth and confidence to help you step into your power and make a living doing what you love. Healers are some of the most humble souls, and often have a hard time putting themselves out there, but YOU have so much to share and you know it's in there. We will be your # 1 supporters, we will be with you every step of the healing process. We can't wait to see you! 

Upcoming Events: 

Refresh & Reset: Equinox Energy Healing  

September 21st 2022 @ 5 PM PST

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