REIKI LEVEL 1 (Usui Holy Fire III)

learn a life changing tool to support your spiritual and energetic evolution.

Online: November 10th & 17th 2021

5-7:30 PM PST (two day Live class)

Notes: You must attend all required Live classes to receive your Certification.

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Amazing Benefits of Reiki Level 1:  

+Clear energy cording 

+Learn how to do a Chakra Balancing on yourself and others

+Deeply Trust your Intuition

+Discover your unique gifts

+Feel empowered + confident in sharing 

+Climb out of your shell + remove blockages

+Energy protection tool for Empaths

+Energy clearing tool for Empaths 

+Establish energy boundaries

+Ground your energy easily 

+Ease anxious feelings quickly

+Shift out of sadness + depression

+Relax your nervous system

+Increase Self Love 

+Certification to use in your current job or

create a new business!

If you are empathic or highly sensitive, Getting Reiki Certified is a game-changer. It helps to protect your energy field from absorbing others' "stuff" so you can be clear in your boundaries and energetic needs. 


You can also use Reiki to cleanse your energy after social gatherings (online or in person), or from an overwhelming day or week...or YEAR! 


Being attuned to Reiki does not mean you have to become a "healer." This is a question we get a lot!


The attunement is the beautiful process in which we essentially give you the power to be able to channel Life Force Energy from Source (Reiki) for your own healing for specific issues you are going through. 


If you choose to use it to support others, you can! But many people use it daily for themselves, because it is so grounding and balancing. It gives you a sense of Peace and self compassion, unlike anything we've ever experienced before. 


The reason a lot of our students end up becoming healers, is because the attunement unlocks your gifts and your intuition. It helps to propel you forward onto your spiritual path, and whatever is not in alignment naturally falls away until you are feeling so CLEAR about your purpose in life. Many people feel their purpose is to support people in the way that they needed, and often it's through this amazing healing work. Again, it's up to you how you want to use it! 


Either way, this is the most life-changing tool we know of. 


Our mission is to share it with amazing souls like you so that you can feel empowered and confident in who you are.

How Reiki Transformed Marni's Life...

"Level 1 and 2 with Giulia & Lex has truly changed my life."


"I went into it thinking I would come out being able to practice healing on others, but I had no idea just how powerful and healing the experience would first and foremost be for ME. If anyone ever had doubts about being able to learn or practice reiki from a distance, you will be converted after taking a course with these beautiful souls. The self healing, distance healing and attunement experiences I will carry with me forever - they truly shifted me in the most beautiful way. I cannot wait to begin supporting others with reiki just as Giulia and Lex have supported me on this journey." - Jade Redmond, Australia 

"Worth every penny"


"Before I joined this class I was feeling lost and uncertain in my path. Since this experience I am feeling more grounded in my purpose and in my truth as a healer and I overcame some serious self-doubt and I feel more complete. If someone were thinking about taking this course I would say "dive in! You have nothing to lose. Whether you decide to practice or not, this is a necessary course to dig in to your self and expand on YOU. You can't even know what to expect, but I promise it will be profound and totally worth every penny."

-Briana James, Online Level 1 


Get comfy and Receive a Reiki Healing from us!


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"Giulia and Lex made me feel so comfortable through the screen, they reaffirmed that I am capable of doing what I believe in and reminded us that getting into your head is normal. If you feel called to take a course with Lex and Giulia I would say go for it, is it meant to be!" -Karissa Spence

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If you would like to take both Level 1 & 2, separate payments must be made. 

Please let us know in your application if you would like to take both level 1 & 2.

Feel free to send us a DM on IG if you have any questions at all (@luminarieshealing) or send us an email to

"I feel incredibly humbled by the power of reiki energy and the significance of the chakras in our day-to-day lives. Reiki level I training has given me the gift of self-compassion on a whole new level. Lex and Guilia are incredible teachers, complimenting one another, and encouraging their students to go deep. I’m so grateful for their work, our work, this healing energy. xx" -Brooke H. Kitchener, ON

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"This course called to me, and I had the time to make it happen for my self, I fully enjoyed the experience and felt like Lex and Giulia were very warm and supportive through out the weekend of learning! Such a great experience, to put it to practice now and grow myself even further :) thanks ladies for creating such a safe space to learn and deepen my sense of self!"
Xoxoxo Delaina, Vancouver, BC

"I was blown away by the course, the power of the energy and the gentle and beautifully presented information from Giulia and Lex. I'll definitely train with them again." -Clare, UK

"I felt called to take this class but I didn't have a lot of expectations or a wider knowledge about what Reiki can do. The group was so lovely and taking the course online was no problem at all, it even showed the magic living inside all of us! The greatest gift I received from this is tapping into my intuition as well as connecting with my higher self during the attunement and beyond. I'm so grateful for this experience and can't recommend it enough!" - Vanessa Uhl, Germany

"If someone were thinking about taking this program/these courses I would say DO IT.


If you feel called in any way shape or form, trust your intuition. You will gain nothing but connection, compassion, and beautiful healing! Even if you know little to nothing about reiki, you will learn SO much and leave with an amazing sense of clarity and peace.


Even though I just finished my certification, I know that this is something I will use in my day to day for a lifetime!" - Heather Murray 


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