Reiki Level 1 (Online)

Learn tools to heal yourself, and get deeply in touch with your intuitive gifts.

January 15th & 22nd  2021 (Live Zoom Classes) - Full & in progress

12-2:30 PM PST 

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In this course you will get attuned to Reiki, become a channel for this healing energy, learn to give Reiki healing to yourself and anyone else for the rest of your life. You will begin to detoxify, and clear energy blocks that have been holding you back from your highest potential. At the end you will receive your Reiki Holy Fire III Certification so you can start practicing this tool on yourself, others, and animals!

  • Receive a deep cleansing experience to begin to eliminate old subconscious programming

  • Receive the attunement that enables you to channel Reiki energy 

  • Learn how to ground, clear & powerfully protect your energy 

  • Learn how to channel Reiki to heal yourself, others, and the planet

  • Healing practice to increase your confidence in channeling Reiki energy for yourself & others. 

  • Receive Reiki Holy Fire III Level 1 Certification 

A section of this course will be self-directed. The materials will be sent to you 1 week prior to the Live class. There will be two Live sessions which will be delivered Live on Zoom. (You must attend the Live Zoom classes to complete the course) 

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions at all!

Tuition: $444 CAD + tax

Take Reiki 1 & 2 together & receive $50 off! 


Can I receive attunements by distance? 


Absolutely. There is no space and time when it comes to energy. Energy travels at the speed of light across any distance, it transcends space and time. The same way we can send healings to our future, past and anyone, anywhere at any time. You can 100% receive all the energy form a Reiki attunement/placement/healing online that you would from an attunement in person. Energy is everywhere at the same time in the quantum field. Many people say distance healings and attunements are much more powerful than in person because we can connect more clearly and directly. 


How will we be receiving & practicing healings? 


You will be receiving and practicing healings using the distance symbol. You will receive the exact same amount of practice time and healing as you would in the in-person experience. We have found that most of our students have found the distance healings virtually both practicing and receiving to be much more powerful than in person. This is also an amazing opportunity to practice your distance healing power as the world is adapting to be an online focus. 

If you would like to take both Level 1 & 2, separate payments must be made. 

Please let us know in your application if you would like to take both level 1 & 2.

"Level 1 and 2 with Giulia & Lex has truly changed my life."


"I went into it thinking I would come out being able to practice healing on others, but I had no idea just how powerful and healing the experience would first and foremost be for ME. If anyone ever had doubts about being able to learn or practice reiki from a distance, you will be converted after taking a course with these beautiful souls. The self healing, distance healing and attunement experiences I will carry with me forever - they truly shifted me in the most beautiful way. I cannot wait to begin supporting others with reiki just as Giulia and Lex have supported me on this journey." - Jade Redmond, Australia 


Tuition: $444 

"I feel incredibly humbled by the power of reiki energy and the significance of the chakras in our day-to-day lives. Reiki level I training has given me the gift of self-compassion on a whole new level. Lex and Guilia are incredible teachers, complimenting one another, and encouraging their students to go deep. I’m so grateful for their work, our work, this healing energy. xx"

-Brooke H. Kitchener, ON

"This course called to me, and I had the time to make it happen for my self, I fully enjoyed the experience and felt like Lex and Giulia were very warm and supportive through out the weekend of learning! Such a great experience, to put it to practice now and grow myself even further :) thanks ladies for creating such a safe space to learn and deepen my sense of self!"

Xoxoxo Delaina, Vancouver, BC

"Worth every penny"


"Before I joined this class I was feeling lost and uncertain in my path. Since this experience I am feeling more grounded in my purpose and in my truth as a healer and I overcame some serious self-doubt and I feel more complete. If someone were thinking about taking this course I would say "dive in! You have nothing to lose. Whether you decide to practice or not, this is a necessary course to dig in to your self and expand on YOU. You can't even know what to expect, but I promise it will be profound and totally worth every penny."

-Briana James, Online Level 1 

"Giulia and Lex made me feel so comfortable through the screen, they reaffirmed that I am capable of doing what I believe in and reminded us that getting into your head is normal. If you feel called to take a course with Lex and Giulia I would say go for it, is it meant to be!" -Karissa Spence

"I felt called to take this class but I didn't have a lot of expectations or a wider knowledge about what Reiki can do. The group was so lovely and taking the course online was no problem at all, it even showed the magic living inside all of us! The greatest gift I received from this is tapping into my intuition as well as connecting with my higher self during the attunement and beyond. I'm so grateful for this experience and can't recommend it enough!" - Vanessa Uhl, Germany

"I was very excited to join the class to be able to learn from such inspirational figures, heal myself and be able to go on to heal others. I was blown away by the course, the power of the energy and the gentle and beautifully presented information from Giulia and Lex. I'll definitely train with them again." -Clare, UK

"If someone were thinking about taking this program/these courses I would say DO IT.


If you feel called in any way shape or form, trust your intuition. You will gain nothing but connection, compassion, and beautiful healing! Even if you know little to nothing about reiki, you will learn SO much and leave with an amazing sense of clarity and peace.


Even though I just finished my certification, I know that this is something I will use in my day to day for a lifetime!" - Heather Murray 

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