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Alexis Anderson (she/her) & Giulia Halkier (she/her)

Giulia & Alexis (Lex) met while working at lululemon in Vancouver back in 2010, and had an instant bond that hasn't been broken since. Back then, they knew they were going to create something special together one day, and it was just a matter of time! Over the last 10 years they have collectively done extensive training in leadership & development, yoga & meditation, Reiki, EFT, Psychic development, Life Coaching, Business & Marketing, and the list goes on! One of the tools that has been most transformational to both of them has been Reiki. Both Master Practitioners, they have developed a unique set of classes that are grounded in sacred tradition, while also staying current and accessible for the modern day person. Giulia & Alexis believe that the blend of Reiki, Spiritual development, and FUN in the classes really set them apart from any other course out there. Their goal is for students to develop the empowerment and confidence within these courses to ensure that they fully integrate these skills within their every-day life. They designed the exact program they wanted to see in the world, and are excited for your journey!

Our Mission is to help you remember that you are a luminary in this world. You have a natural light burning inside of you that perhaps you have dimmed or have been afraid to share. We believe our program can help you ignite that light again, and it will be unstoppable. We know from experience, that getting attuned to Reiki can change your life, and help you attract and be more than you could have imagined. 

Find us on Instagram!

Giulia: @brazensoulrebellion 

Alexis: @reikiwithlex

Luminaries: @luminarieshealing

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