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In this workshop we are going to explore the energetics of Receiving and what that means to you. 

We are going to have discussion & reflection and a Reiki healing ceremony to help you transform the energy that is perhaps blocking you from receiving. 

If you're feeling any of this....

Over-giving, over-extending, or over-doing and feeling depleted or resentful

Giving your all to your business but not seeing results 

Putting yourself out there but feeling defeated 

Frustrated about Money and needing a shift 

Stuck in a familiar cycle 

This could be a supportive space for you!

You are likely an amazing giver. You probably give a lot of your energy and your heart to others and you're known for it! Sometimes this energy can start to feel imbalanced though, and it's time to rebalance the Yin/Yang energy (masculine/feminine) within you so you don't burn out this year!

Reiki was the single modality that literally shifted our entire lives. We went from toxic relationships and soul sucking careers to confident entrepreneurs who are excited about life and what we do. Because of Reiki healing, we feel our souls are happy (even though every day isn't perfect), we are living authentically and feel content, confident, and fulfilled. We can't wait to share it with you! 

See you soon!

Lex & Giulia 

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