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Reiki Level 1 & 2 

Learn to shift your energy instantly, and go from pain to peace. 

In Reiki Level 1 & 2 you receive 4 deeply healing ceremonies that attune you to Reiki Energy. Being attuned means that you can channel this healing energy for yourself or others, anytime. It will help you connect with your intuition, to your spirituality, shed the Heavy weight, shift your energy, and empower you to heal yourself ✨

  • Connect with your spirituality and intuitive power

  • Get attuned to Reiki Energy

  • Find Confidence in yourself and your natural abilities 

  • Learn how to feel calm and relaxed on your own

  • Learn how to send healing to others (virtual + IRL)

  • Find alignment with your career path 

  • Shed the heaviness and the weight you carry, and gain clarity and peace daily. 

"The ability to self heal has given me the confidence and resiliency i've always wanted."


How it works: 

  • Once you Register you will be given instant access to the Reiki Level 1 & 2 Course

  • The online course is self-paced and has required modules to complete

  • Once complete, you will attend the Live Virtual Level 1 & 2 Class with the other students enrolled 

  • The class is led by Giulia and Lex together 

  • In the Live class, you will deepen your learning, practice on yourself + others, and ask questions so you feel confident and clear on all the material.

What's Included: 

  • 4 deep Healing Ceremonies & energy upgrades to clear energy and open your Heart 

  • Hours of downloadable content, training, tools, videos, worksheets & resources

  • LIVE Virtual Workshop with Alexis, Giulia, and other Alumni Reiki students! 

  • Practice sessions 

  • Continued Student Community through Whatsapp 


You should have received at least one Reiki Session ​(virtual or in person) before getting certified. 

"I could have never predicted the impact this course would have on me."

"I loved reiki 1, but reiki 2 was next level. You get the beautiful connection and love from the group like you do in reiki 1, but so much more. The energy was crazy, in such a positive way. I couldn’t believe how palpable it was...for all of us. And the level of intuition that is guided and supported by Lex and Giulia, as well as the group, is amazing. I knew from the moment that Giulia and Lex came in to my life that they were the ones, but they exceeded my expectations. If you’re thinking of discovering reiki, it has to be with Lex and Giulia. The love, support and guidance (and fun!) is the best. What an incredibly empowering feeling to have this gift, and this community! I can’t wait to do the reiki masters."  -Emma Heukelom, Online Reiki 2 Graduate

Reiki Training: Level 1 



Our classes are a combination of self-study through our online portal, and Live experiences with the community. We believe taking the entire Reiki program including Mastery will transform your life. 


Our Level 1 is an introduction to Energy Healing and Intuitive work.  It is focused on healing the Self,  and moving through blockages in the body that may be preventing you from receiving what you want in life. and you when you are Certified you will also be able to channel Reiki for family/friends.  Once you have received Reiki 1, the ability to use Reiki never goes away! 

The energy starts working with you as soon as you Register, so it's common to feel your energy starting to shift physically, emotionally, and spiritually as you start to move into a higher frequency. You will start to feel yourself letting things go that are no longer aligned, and attracting opportunities into your life that are in line with your highest good.

What you Receive from Reiki Level 1: 

  • Ocean of Holy Love Experience

  • Discussion: What is Reiki, levels of Reiki, how it heals, History of Reiki, Science of Energy

  • Gassho meditation

  • Reiki I Placement (formerly called Attunement) 

  • Partner Healing Practice 

  • Video Tutorial about how to do In Person Healing 

  • Byosen Scanning to feel energy blockages

  • Tutorial on Hand positions

  • Kenyoku – Japaneses technique to center and disconnect energy

  • Practice self-treatment: Byosen self-scan and hand positions for self-treatment

  • Downloadable Videos, Tutorials, and PDF's you can keep forever

  • Reiki Level 1 Holy Fire III Certificate

When Reiki 1&2 are taken together, it creates a deeply healing and powerful effect.


Reiki Training: Level 2


​In Level 2, we deepen our personal healing and healing for others by getting attuned and working with the sacred Reiki symbols. The symbols can be used to heal many specific issues,  to empower/increase your finances & manifestations, and to send healing to food, objects, animals, and people anywhere in the world including past and future lives!

The way we teach our classes are unlike any other. We are deeply focused on Community, creating a space that feels safe, and actually getting you the results you want in your life. 

Reiki Level 1 and 2 Completely changed our lives. It was the beginning of a transformational journey of stepping into our personal power, self love, self worth, and fulfillment. We got the confidence to leave our draining and  jobs and create successful businesses that are service oriented, fulfilling, joyful, and profitable. We never thought that would be possible, and we are forever grateful for this foundational Reiki training for showing us a better way to live. 

What you Receive from Reiki Level 2: 

  • Holy Love Experience to open to Divine Love

  • Reiki II symbols – how to draw, complete meaning, how to use them in all facets of your life

  • Discussion about how to use Symbols for anxiety, depression, stress, manifesting, and clearing energy

  • How to use Distance symbol for past/future events, and sending healing by distance

  • Reiki II Placement

  • Practice Reiki Healing sessions with partners 

  • Bonus: Manifesting Money workshop 

  • Bonus: Healing Past Relationships workshop 

  • Client Forms, Waivers, Charging for services 

  • Q & A Discussion 

  • Downloadable Videos, Tutorials, and PDF's you can keep forever

  • Reiki Level 2 Holy Fire III Certificate 

Once you Register, you will be sent all the materials to complete Reiki Level 1 & 2 at your own pace. All the Videos & Materials are for keeps! 

You will be given everything you need to feel super confident to do IRL and Virtual sessions with clients or friends! Reiki can also be used on animals & plants. 

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