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Usui Holy Fire III: Personal Mastery +
Reiki Teacher Training

6 weekly Live Classes
Hours of Downloadable Video Content 
Bonus Content
Usui Holy Fire III Online Master Certificate

Congratulations to our newest Reiki Masters!!!!!

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"This highest vibration is something I never knew could be true for me. Nothing could have prepared me for the sense of self-love and restoration I gained from taking the Master class." - Katie (June 2021)

"I would recommend this course to anyone who is feeling stuck or blocked in their own journey. If you feel the pull, no matter how small, just do it. Lex and Giulia have a beautiful way of connecting to and supporting their students, you will not be sorry xx" - Briana (June 2021)

Are you feeling that nudge from the Universe to take a Leap? To take the next step on your Spiritual journey?

Maybe your intuition is saying: "there's more for have gifts to share with the world." BUT that damn fear, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and comparison keeps getting in your way!!


Maybe you have been practising Reiki but are still not fully trusting yourself, and no longer want to deny yourself that opportunity to connect to your purpose, and actually make a living doing it.

If this resonates with you somewhere in your body, you are ready to face whatever blocks are standing in your was so you can be fully present to serve the world and share your amazing gifts with confidence.


You're ready for Energy Mastery and to truly love your whole life. 

  • Your authentic, highest self has a knowing of something more. 

  • You are ready to confidently present your offering to the world.

  • You are ready to be seen, and lead the way for others.


This is the Master Level of Reiki Training. This program will propel you forward on your spiritual path. We will guide you to  start living your authentic life, trust your intuition, and set you up to TEACH, and share your magic with the people who need it. 

What sets us apart:

  • The energy of two Master Teachers brings double the heat! Our combined experience, expertise, and training brings an unbeatable energy to the course! We also love to bring levity and fun to the group. (@REIKIWTHLEX + @BRAZENSOULREBELLION)

  • We teach Usui Holy Fire III which is an EVOLUTION of traditional Usui Reiki. 

  • The way the classes and ceremonies are conducted are completely different and much more refined. 

  • Our classes are rooted in traditional Usui so you will receive BOTH Master attunement ceremonies. 

  • We teach our Mastery over 6 weeks to give you a chance to integrate the deep healing into your life, practice, and bring your learning to class. 

  • The 5 week program gives you more time to connect with the community of Master students.

  • Mix of Self-Directed modules and Live Sessions. 

  • Comprehensive Training Manual and Videos you can have for keeps!

  • Bonuses! We have added Video Bonuses to support you with your relationships, finances, self healing, and energy maintenance. 

  • Innovation. We are committed to the best possible experience for our students. We use all our student's feedback and are constantly innovating our program. 

How it works: 

  • This one of a kind, comprehensive online program is taught over 6 weeks, and is extremely interactive, while also providing self-study time.     

  •  21 total hours of healing, ceremonies, journaling, connection, transformation, and learning how to become a true healing Master.

  •  2.5 hours per week on Live Zoom Calls, and the remaining hours will be spent on self-study. 

  • Lively Check-ins and updates in our intimate Facebook group so you stay connected with your new soul family. 

What you Receive: 


  • 1-2 healing attunements and ceremonies per week to accelerate your own level of healing and expansion. 

  • Ignition Ceremony + attunement to the Master Usui AND Holy Fire symbol. 

  • Receive Healing Fire Experience which is a powerful technique that enables you to remove energy blocks at the root level.

  • Learn how to perform Healing Fire Technique for Clients, Friends, Family, Spouses both Virtually and In-person. 

  • Learn powerful Reiki meditations to help establish your spirit and purpose.

  • Learn how to use the Crystal Grid to manifest your goals, and heal loved ones.

  • Weekly Live Zoom calls with the group + access to videos you will have for keeps.

  • 1:1 Reiki Healing sessions outside of class weekly with other students!

  • Reiki Holy Fire III Online Master Manual.




This is about recognizing that you ARE the Luminary among your family, friends, and community. You are willing to be a mirror to your clients and students as you share the gift of Reiki healing to the world. 

With this teacher level attunement comes another layer of cleansing and the ability to channel Reiki energy far more profoundly!

The Holy Fire III Online Master Level is the highest Reiki attunement you can receive. Both of us have taken upgrade courses since the original Usui Master Training in order to teach at the highest possible level. 


In each class (there are 5 classes total + an Integration Week) you will receive 1-2 Healing Ceremonies which are all specific to healing areas of your life, your timeline, and to prepare you for the Master energy. 


We designed the outline that we are obsessed and have received amazing feedback from our students about the way our course is delivered! 


You will receive 2 new symbols attunements: The Usui Master Symbol, and the Holy Fire Master symbol. 


You will receive 4 ignitions: These are transformational Energy Upgrade ceremonies 

  • After the Ignition, the strength of the Holy Fire continues to grow over time.

  • It’s presence in your field will cause anything not in harmony with the Holy Fire to come up for release. 

  • Example: bad habits, energies, tendencies, spirit guides who have completed their work.


You will receive other powerful experiences during the program, as well Reiki Master meditations to help you work with this energy in your life.


You also learn how to actually teach Level 1 through to the Master Level and will be Certified to teach both online and in-person.


You will be part of the Facebook group exclusive to this Master class, where we share updates, and answer questions throughout the program so you always feel supported!







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"This class has completely changed who I am in the most incredible way."


A section of this course will be self-directed. The materials will be sent to you prior to the Live classes. There will be 5 Live sessions which will be on Zoom. (You must attend the Live Zoom classes to complete the course)

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 2 - Any style, Any school. You may also take this as an UPGRADE from your existing Usui Master Certificate. 

“Taking this course has truly been a life changing experience for me.  I felt an awakening in me that I can’t even put into words. It opened up a completely new level of healing deep down to my core. The greatest gift this course has given me was the unraveling of my true authentic self and there is truly no better feeling than being completely aligned with my soul and my purpose. I cannot thank you enough, Lex & Giulia for all the wisdom! Much love, Kayla xx”

-June 2020 Online Master Graduate

"Lex & Giulia have structured their course to create a safe space for all their students so we can learn and grow to our fullest potential. I felt held and supported throughout the entire experience. The results I received are beyond what I imagined before taking this course. If you’re contemplating whether you should become a Reiki Master with Lex & Giulia, please take my advice and go for it! The world needs more healers like you!"  -Sonia Dhillon

-November 2020 Online Master graduate

"2 years ago i attended my first reiki circle with lex & giulia and it changed my life. i was feeling lost and unsure of my purpose, or what i wanted to with my life. when i experienced reiki it showed me that that was what i was meant to do. i was put on this earth to help & heal others. naturally i signed up to experience levels 1 & 2 with these two beautiful souls and it was amazing. i knew the masterclass would be incredible with them as well and it surpassed all of my expectations! lex & giulia you have been amazing guides and anyone thinking about taking the masterclass with you needs to absolutely DO IT! <3 love you guys" - abby glover


"I have been totally blown away by this experience. I came in to it longing for a greater connection to myself and to my Reiki practice. I never expected such deep healing to take place and I am coming out the other side feeling broken open by it all. Lex and Giulia held such a beautiful container for us to learn, grow and heal and they are both true Masters because of the magic they brought to the experience. I would highly recommend The Luminaries Masterclass to anyone wanting to bring there healing and

spiritual journey to the next level."  -JoAnne, Ottawa

-November 2020 Master Graduate


June 2019 Master Graduates!

"I knew it would be beyond what I imagined, but this was way, way beyond. The feeling of such safety and support and love in the room the entire weekend is indescribable"
- Jana Much 

"I came in thinking i was just gonna learn things, but throughout the 3 days I understood very clearly that I was becoming a new, way better version of myself right then and there"
- Jose Lopez

"This incredible journey from level 1 to the Masterclass has been life changing and has broken me wide open. The love and true passion you show for this practice and for your students is undeniable. I am no longer numb to my feelings aimlessly walking through life. I allow myself to feel everything deeply and I am so so excited to see what's next!"
- Marni Singh


Holy Fire is a New Reiki Energy, and an evolution from Traditional Usui Reiki. It is a spiritual energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance. It is an upgraded frequency, extremely powerful, more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness.

How do I know if I'm ready for the Master Level?

Just as you may have felt “called” to Reiki Level 1, you may feel the same way about the Master Level. There is an inner knowing that one feels when they are ready to take their healing to the next level. 

Do I have to become a Reiki teacher after??

Absolutely not! You will greatly benefit from this program if you choose to teach or not, and we will teach you the tools so you are set up to do that if you decide that you would like to teach. The cleansing ceremonies, and attunements are extremely powerful on their own. We recommend practicing Reiki on friends, family, or clients as it is very healing for you.

Can I receive attunements by distance?

Absolutely. There is no space and time when it comes to energy. Energy travels at the speed of light across any distance, it transcends space and time. The same way we can send healings to our future, past and anyone, anywhere at any time. You can 100% receive all the energy form a Reiki attunement/placement/healing online that you would from an attunement in person. Energy is everywhere at the same time in the quantum field. Many people say distance healings and attunements are much more powerful than in person because we can connect more clearly and directly.

How will I be receiving the practice healings?

You will be receiving and practicing healings using the distance symbol in addition to the Master symbols that you learn throughout the course. You will receive the exact same amount of practice time and healing as you would in the in-person experience. We have found that most of our students have found the distance healings virtually both practicing and receiving to be much more powerful than in person. This is also an amazing opportunity to practice your distance healing power as the world is adapting to be an online focus.

Am I going to be receiving the same amount of resourses, support, and materials as the in-person class?

Yes! You will be receiving more! You will get more support than the original 3 day experience as our Zoom meetings will be Live and you will have access to us full time throughout the Facebook group. We will have all the materials prepared for you to follow along with on your computer, with extra worksheets and online modules. You will have lifetime access to the recordings and additional materials we will be posting, so you can refer back at any time.

When will I receive the materials for this course?

You will receive early access to the private Facebook group and introduction materials the week before class officially starts so you can get a head start on your learning!

Master Level: Job Application
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