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In this 1 hour Ceremony we are going to:
-Discuss the energetics of this season and how you're feeling
-Support you in cleansing any old energy from the last season/cycle
-Help you use your own energy to transform the old and feel brand new and refreshed

Channeling Reiki means channeling pure love & light for your highest and most authentic self to shine through. 

If you are open to receiving, you can see results very quickly with this modality! 

To prepare: 
-Have a journal 
-A cozy space to sit and lie down 
-Ear buds if you'd like privacy in your home 
-You are welcome to bring sage, palo, crystals or candles etc to your space 
-Feel free to share your cute spaces and tag us on IG @luminarieshealing 

Can't wait to see you there!! 


Lex & Giulia 

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