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Create & launch your abundant Reiki business with Confidence! We help Reiki and Spiritual healers overcome self doubt to fearlessly share their unique gifts and create & sustain profitable thriving businesses.

About our program 

Bottom line, we did not receive any support after our Reiki training. We were so inspired after completing all the training, and felt motivated to share Reiki and healing with others, but had NO CLUE where to begin. We spent tens of thousands of dollars hiring coaches and never received the answers we were looking for. 


"How do I put myself out there? Do I charge people right away? and if so, how much do I charge? Do I need Waivers, Insurance? How do I market my services? How do I start an Email list and what do I even say? What If i'm nervous about sharing what I do with my friends/family? I'm worried i'll be judged...they don't really get what I do. How do I explain Reiki? I know I have lots to share but something keeps holding me back and then I don't do it. Ahhhh I'm overwhelmed!! I hate my job and being a Reiki practitioner feels really good, but can I ACTUALLY make this a business? I just don't know where to start. If someone could just show me where to start." 

Any of that sound like you? 

Dear friend, we get it. We asked ourselves every single one of those questions + more, and if we didn't have each other for Support, we would not be here today teaching you. 

We created the program we needed. 

We have spent 4 years putting together stories, tools, tips, and resources to support other Reiki Practitioners in sharing healing with the world, and how to actually make a living doing it! 

Healers are some of the most humble humans, therefore can feel uncomfortable fully putting themselves out there. We are here to bridge that gap for you. 

We combine Energetics, Spirituality and business principles to help you launch with confidence.

We want you to have that freedom you've dreamed of!!

How it works

Our Signature 3 Module Program Includes 20 + hours of Video content, tutorials, healings + PDF worksheets.

This is a step by step guide to starting your Reiki Healing business. Not only will you start it, you will learn how to create a business that is wildly profitable and sustainable

You will learn: 

+ How to manage your energy to be a magnet for clients 
+ Branding : how to create a brand that attracts your ideal clients
+ How to find your profitable Niche using your unique story and gifts
+ How to release blocks like Imposter syndrome, self doubt, and lack of confidence 
+ How to price your services, work through money blocks, and create your signature offerings 
+ Social Media strategy, Content planning, and Email Marketing 
+ Our personal stories and relatable learning experiences directly from your Reiki Masters, Giulia and Alexis! 

We are going Evergreen! Yep.

The program is divided into 3 Full & Comprehensive Self Directed Modules. You will have access to the content FOREVER! You can download everything and work through it at your own pace. 

Monthly Coaching calls: 
You will be enrolled in our Supported Community where we will  support your with questions that are coming up from the content as well as your healing journey as a Reiki practitioner. 



Initial Investment: $497 USD + tax gives you INSTANT access to the 3 Module Course. Get your First Coaching call FREE! You can get rolling right away and start dreaming up your beautiful biz!! 

Monthly Membership (Evergreen Access): In addition to the initial course investment, the monthly fee is $97 USD per month which gives you 60 minute calls every single month with Giulia, Alexis, and the community of Reiki Practitioners who are also starting their businesses. All calls are recorded and will be available in the course portal for downloads. 

Call Times: Monthly on Wednesdays @ 5-7 PM PST 

[Supported Student Story] Mallory left her corporate job + started a full time healing!

"I honestly don't even recognize the person I was before I started my journey with [Lex & Giulia] as I've had so much spiritual growth and emotional healing. The results I've received were beyond my expectations with such transformation and, during it all, became connected to such a supportive and empowering community." (@mal.meyer)


We will send you your materials and call schedule upon payment confirmation.  

We are unable to accept refunds. 

If you have done the Supported program in the past and just want to join the Monthly Community for Support with your Business, you can sign up for just $97 US per month!

You will be charged right away for your first Call, and payments will resume monthly on the 1st of each month. Minimum 3 Month commitment. 

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Meet Reiki Masters, Alexis & Giulia!

We started the Luminaries in 2018 in Vancouver, BC. Before learning Reiki, we both felt miserable and drained at our respective jobs and felt like there was more for us. We felt like we were living a lie daily, not pursuing careers that felt authentic to us.


All areas of our lives drastically improved from going through the Reiki Masters program and we felt a pull to share this modality with others. We couldn't keep it a secret!

Our combined training and skills include: Holy Fire III Reiki Mastery, ICF Certified Coach training, EFT, Business Management, Yoga Training, Mentorship, and Leadership.

We can't wait to support you through your transformation! 

Giulia: @brazensoulrebellion

Alexis: @reikiwithlex 

Luminaries: @luminarieshealing