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Whether you have just recently graduated Reiki Mastery, or you graduated long ago, we welcome you back! This is a group that is meant to support you wherever you are at in your Master journey. There is space for everyone to be seen, heard, and empowered to be your authentic self in your relationships, life & business. We believe community is everything... we want to see you continue to shed the old energy that might be holding you back from your dreams, and have freedom, trust in your intuition, confidence, and belief in yourself.

This is your space to be free, and be who you are. 

How it works

•Feeling lost about next steps after mastery
•No mentoring or support
•Lost momentum

•Lost touch with the group 

•Family/friends not fully understanding of what you're going through 

•No accountability

•Feeling blocked in putting your gifts out there in the world and how to actually do that

•Monthly 90 minute mastery development calls for 6 months
•Space to learn new skills, practice leadership and master your practice
•Community connection, ongoing support and development


Key Benefits

•Consistent support throughout your mastery healing journey

•Continued community connection

•Skill building as a professional healer

•Regular healing

•Leadership opportunities

•Advance abilities in Client work

•Clarity on your journey in developing your practice and your life 

•Stories, Experience, and Mentorship from 2 experienced Reiki Master teachers

Monthly Support calls: 

You will be enrolled in our Supported Community where we will  support your with questions that are coming up from the content as well as your healing journey as a Reiki practitioner. 

You will learn something new each month, connect with your fellow Master graduates, practice new skills, and receive support and healing.

What we noticed Post-Master Graduation

What you receive


 $997 CAD for 6 months.

[Supported Student Story] Mallory left her corporate job + started a full time healing!

"I honestly don't even recognize the person I was before I started my journey with [Lex & Giulia] as I've had so much spiritual growth and emotional healing. The results I've received were beyond my expectations with such transformation and, during it all, became connected to such a supportive and empowering community." (@mal.meyer)


We will send you your materials and call schedule upon payment confirmation.  

We are unable to accept refunds. 

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Meet Reiki Masters, Alexis & Giulia!

We started the Luminaries in 2018 in Vancouver, BC. Before learning Reiki, we both felt miserable and drained at our respective jobs and felt like there was more for us. We felt like we were living a lie daily, not pursuing careers that felt authentic to us.


All areas of our lives drastically improved from going through the Reiki Masters program and we felt a pull to share this modality with others. We couldn't keep it a secret!

Our combined training and skills include: Holy Fire III Reiki Mastery, ICF Certified Coach training, EFT, Business Management, Yoga Training, Mentorship, and Leadership.

We can't wait to support you through your transformation! 

Giulia: @brazensoulrebellion

Alexis: @reikiwithlex 

Luminaries: @luminarieshealing

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