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"Level 1 and 2 with Giulia & Lex has truly changed my life."


"I went into it thinking I would come out being able to practice healing on others, but I had no idea just how powerful and healing the experience would first and foremost be for ME. If anyone ever had doubts about being able to learn or practice reiki from a distance, you will be converted after taking a course with these beautiful souls. The self healing, distance healing and attunement experiences I will carry with me forever - they truly shifted me in the most beautiful way. I cannot wait to begin supporting others with reiki just as Giulia and Lex have supported me on this journey." - Jade Redmond, Australia 

It's time step into your

intuitive gifts

This program is for you if....

You are feeling 'called' or drawn to Reiki and how Energy works for Healing. You have an inner knowing. 

You have taken a Reiki training before and want to get that UPGRADE for your high frequency life. 

You are feeling heavy,  overwhelmed, uninspired, and lonely and need a major energy shift. 

You know you're intuitively gifted but have trouble distinguishing between intuition and logic. What energy belongs to you and what belongs to others'?

You are an HSP or Empath looking for tools to protect and clear your energy daily. 

You're always giving to other people and never take time for yourself!

You can't talk about this sh*t with your friends/fam, and need some community connection!


If you are empathic or highly sensitive, Getting Reiki Certified is a game-changer. It helps to protect your energy field from absorbing others' energy so you can be clear in your boundaries and energetic needs. 


You can also use Reiki to cleanse your energy after social gatherings (online or in person), or from the sometimes overwhelming holiday season.


Being attuned to Reiki does not mean you have to become a "healer." This is a question we get a lot!


The attunement is the beautiful process in which we essentially give you the power to be able to channel Life Force Energy from Source (Reiki) for your own healing for specific issues you are going through. 


If you choose to use it to support others, you can! But many people use it daily for themselves, because it is so grounding and balancing. It gives you a sense of Peace and self compassion, unlike anything we've ever experienced before. 


The reason a lot of our students end up becoming healers, is because the attunement unlocks your gifts and your intuition. It helps to propel you forward onto your spiritual path, and whatever is not in alignment naturally falls away until you are feeling so CLEAR about your purpose in life.


Many people feel their purpose is to support people in the way that they needed, and often it's through this amazing healing work. Again, it's up to you how you want to use it! 


Either way, this is the most life-changing tool we know of. 


Our mission is to share it with amazing souls like you so that you can feel empowered and confident in who you are.

Our upcoming Reiki Courses:


DEC 8TH & 15TH


  • Reiki Usui Holy Fire III Intuitive Level 1 Certification

  • Ocean of Holy Love Experience

  • Level 1 Attunement Ceremony

  • Practice Sessions

  • Bonus Video Content

$388 CAD + Tax

IMG_1806 2_edited.jpg

JAN 5TH & 12TH 2022

  • Reiki Usui Holy Fire III Intuitive Level 2 Certification

  • Holy Love Ceremony

  • Level 2 Attunement Ceremony

  • Hands On Practice with Symbols

  • Practice Distance Healing Treatments

  • Financial Module 

  • Relationship Healing Module

$555  CAD + Tax



1 & 2 

  • Reiki Usui Holy Fire III Intuitive Level 1 & 2 Certification

  • 2 Energy Clearing and Heart Opening Ceremonies

  • 2 Attunement Ceremonies

  • Hands On Practice with Symbols

  • Practice Distance Healing Treatments

  • Financial Module 

  • Relationship Healing Module

  • BONUS 15% off 

$816 CAD  + Tax


Reiki is all about balancing your Life Force Energy.

Life Force Energy flows through all living things.

It flows through plants, water, crystals, animals, humans, and anything that comes from nature. Mother Earth herself has a life force.

When the energy gets blocked by a negative experience, thought, or build up, the Life Force stops flowing freely and our energy gets out of Balance.


Enter Reiki! Reiki will help balance all your energy centres so that Life Force begins flowing freely again. You’ll feel more calm, relaxed, and clear.


HOLY FIRE (which we teach) is an even more evolved, advanced and powerful Reiki modality that deepens the energy healing even further.


Learning this tool for yourself means that you can channel Reiki ANY TIME you are feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.


and the amazing gift of learning Reiki, is that you can do that for other people too!!!!

Reiki is Spiritual in Nature but it is NOT a religion. It has no dogma and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn Reiki. 

Have a comfortable, cozy space set up to lie down

Have Zoom downloaded

Journal + Pen 
Light blanket (optional)
Eye Mask (optional)

Lex & Giulia

See you soon!

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