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Free Workshop: Unshakable Confidence⚡


Learn exactly how we finally left our toxic jobs & relationships and started making money doing what we love.


Live Virtual Class + Reiki Healing

Tuesday September 26th



Recording will be available.

Do you ever feel stuck, unfulfilled, or lonely? 

Do you know you are capable of more but just can't get past the barriers that KEEP standing in your way time and time again??

Do you constantly doubt yourself and fear what other people will think of you? Afraid of judgment? Afraid to be seen for who you really are and fear it's not enough?

We get all of it...


We know what it's like to feel stuck in a toxic relationship, dead end job, unfulfilling career, and environments that drain your spirit. We know what it feels like to feel completely judged and misunderstood by family and friends.


We learned how to break through doubts, judgments, fears, and failures. We learned how to access our own healing power and own what we do with confidence. We just kept going and kept believing in ourselves and the change we could help make. 

This is why we teach ❤️ The Luminaries is a healing community to support you in breaking through barriers and discovering your own healing power to make real positive change. 

Discover your own healing power and unshakable confidence and even start earning money

doing what you love to do!! 


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