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Certification Upgrade for Reiki Masters 

A powerful Healing Course  to Upgrade to Holy Fire® III World Peace Reiki Energy (New Certification)

Human consciousness has evolved and the Holy Fire Reiki has elevated to a higher and more refined energy frequency to be able to serve our clients and students in the most powerful way possible. These upgrades only happen once every couple of years and they dramatically increase our healing power and our client and student transformations. 

Eligibility: Anyone with Usui/Holy Fire® III Online/In Person Reiki Master training

This 3 Hour Live workshop will upgrade your own energy and give you the ability to upgrade your own client sessions and classes! 

 New Upgraded Healing Experiences 

Receive two powerful healing ceremonies to directly upgrade your energy frequency and the level at which you can channel the upgraded Holy Fire Energy for yourself and others. This energy frequency is much more powerful and more refined and you will feel the effects instantly. 

The Empowered by the River of Peace Experience: This experience clears negative energies, anxieties, or fears you may be feeling. These energies will be replaced and empowered through an energy of peace and calm. 

The two energies that hold us back the most are fear and anxiety - and these energies have been strong in the  collective over the past couple of years. This healing experience is designed to clear those barriers and open the floodgates to abundance and realignment with our Authentic Selves. 


The World Peace Ignition: You will also receive will an Ignition (attunement ceremony) that will upgrade your Holy Fire® III energy. This Upgrade is deeply healing for you and your clients and students and is a powerful addition to your life, classes, and sessions. The World Peace Ignition will also empower you to teach these new processes in your Reiki Master classes.  This includes the Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master class.


Empowered Integration and Reiki Masters
Community Connection 

This workshop includes a spirited discussion of the integration of this upgrade and Q&A with Giulia and Alexis of the Luminaries! You will clearly understand why this upgrade is so important, how to use it to empower yourself, your clients and future students. you will also make connections / reconnections with fellow Master graduates in this Live experience. 


New World Peace Certification 

Upon Completion, You will receive your new updated Certification in Usui Holy Fire III World Peace. 

$129 USD ($167.53 CAD) includes tax 

3 Hour Workshop

Once completed, Please Email us with your top takeaways from your experience and we will send you your new Masters Certificate! 

Once you Purchase the Upgrade Certification, you will receive access to the Workshop 

recording from July 20th 2022. 


We are unable to process Refunds or Transfers. 

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About Giulia & Lex 

We started the Luminaries in 2018 in Vancouver, BC. Before learning Reiki, we both felt miserable and drained at our respective jobs and felt like there was more for us. We felt like we were living a lie daily, not pursuing careers that felt authentic to us.


All areas of our lives drastically improved from going through the Reiki Masters program and we felt a pull to share this modality with others. We couldn't keep it a secret!

Our combined training and skills include: Holy Fire III Reiki Mastery, ICF Certified Coach training, EFT, Business Management, Yoga Training, Mentorship, and Leadership.

We can't wait to support you through your transformation! 

Luminaries: @luminarieshealing

Giulia: @brazensoulrebellion

Alexis: @reikiwithlex 

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